Music Lessons On Wheels

In-Home & In-School Music Lessons Policy


At Music Lessons on Wheels (MLOW) we have created a unique piano lessons program that teaches children to play, read and even compose music in an environment that is both convenient for parents and fun for students. We have found that everyone does better when the details of administering our programs have been agreed upon from the beginning, so while it’s a bit lengthy, please read the policy points below and contact us directly with any questions you might have before completing your registration.


LESSON LENGTH: Twinned piano lessons are only offered in our In-School programs and are 30 minutes in length. Should we be unable to find a twin for your child or if after several weeks our instructor feels that a 1-on-1 lesson format is more appropriate, a 15 minute private lesson will be offered in lieu of a twinned lesson. We allow for late enrollment at most locations so students usually end up with a twin if that is their preference.


  • In addition to the twinned lessons which promote collaborative music (duets!), we can upon request arrange for 15 and 30 minute private lessons during the In-School program.


  • Our In-Home lessons are typically 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.



  • In-Home lesson tuition payments are handled via our online registration/scheduling/tuition payment system which is accessed via the Parent Portal on our website. Tuition fees are posted by the 1st of each month and are due by the 5th. Payments may be made online by credit card, electronic funds transfer or bill pay, or by a paper check mailed directly to us.

  • In-School lesson tuition payment guidelines vary by location. In 80% of all cases, families are scheduled and billed directly by Music Lessons on Wheels via the Parent Portal on our website. Exceptions occur in programs administered by hosting entities who prefer to schedule students and/or collect tuition directly from parents. To understand how billing will be handled at your child’s school program location please select the name of your school or after school care program from the Our Locations drop down menu, located on our website homepage.


  • *Important note: Registration refers to the process of providing your information and setting up an account with us. Enrollment refers to the actual process of signing your child up for lessons on a particular day at a specific time, and paying for the lessons in advance.


MISSED IN-HOME LESSONS: Missed lessons due to an illness/injury or other emergency, which was communicated a minimum of 3 hours in advance of the instructor arriving to your home will be either 1) made up or 2) credited to you the following month. Only one unscheduled missed lesson will be credited back within a 3-month period. Consistency is vital for both students and teachers, so we encourage scheduling a make-up lesson whenever possible.


  • If you need to cancel a lesson, please contact the Instructor immediately by phone. A make up lesson can be scheduled with the Instructor at your mutual convenience.


  • Scheduled Miss: If you know you will be out of town or otherwise unable to have a lesson on any given week, please notify Accounts Receivable at [email protected] prior to the 26th of the preceding month to ensure you are not invoiced for those lessons. Our system is set up to follow the school calendar in your District; we can be flexible if, for example, your vacation does not match up with the school break.



MISSED IN-SCHOOL LESSONS: Except in cases where missed lessons have been prearranged due to impending vacations or holidays, there will be no credits offered on missed in-school programs lessons. We will make every effort to provide make-up lesson opportunities when the miss was truly unavoidable (we understand that children do get sick from time to time), and have found it works best when parents and teachers work together to fit these missed lessons into the schedule.


  • You MUST notify us at 206.818.4784 or 206.818.4780 promptly (before the scheduled lesson) if your child is sick or subject to an emergency which precludes lessons in order to be eligible for the make-up later on. It’s the only way we can ensure that teachers are not frantically searching for the “missing child’ at lesson time. Your communication is essential and appreciated.


  • When the school or District unexpectedly cancels classes, we have no alternative but to cancel. Due to rigorous teacher schedules and the possibility of multiple consecutive snow days we have found scheduling make-ups challenging. While we cannot guarantee a make-up lesson at your school for this scenario we’ll do our best.


  • If a teacher misses a lesson day and we are unable to provide a substitute instructor, the session will be extended by one week to accommodate another lesson day if there is no alternative day available in which to make the lesson up. You will not “lose” this lesson.


RECITALS: We schedule performances throughout the year. These opportunities are not mandatory and there are no associated fees, but most children benefit enormously from the applause and admiration so we encourage their participation. Your child’s teacher will keep you apprised of dates and times for these special events.




Warm Regards,


Jeanne Freng, Executive Director