Issaquah Locations

We are excited to be returning to Issaquah Before and After School Care Clubs for our 11th year!  Registration for Fall 20189will be opening on Sept 5th.  Some school programs do not have a start date yet, but you can still reserve your lesson time slot. 

Our "twinned lessons" piano class offers beginners a great low-cost opportunity to give piano lessons a try, while our unique delivery system accommodates the needs of advancing students.  (Twinned lessons refer to a 30 minute class given by an instructor to 2 students - each with their own keyboard.) 

The Issaquah piano lessons program is offered district-wide which means that while we set up the programs and schedule students for their lessons times directly from our website, parents pay lesson tuition through their Club accounts which are administered by Issaquah District's B.A.S.C. staff. (Before and After School Care). There is a $10 registration fee for all NEW students.

Students must be enrolled in a Club at least one day per week in order to participate in lessons; if you wish for your child to have a piano lesson on a day when they don't attend the club it is vital that you contact us directly as special arrangements have to be made. If your child is not enrolled in a Club but you are interested in our other piano lesson options contact us directly, as we do offer In-home lessons in surrounding neighborhoods on a schedule that is convenient for your family. 

Most recitals are held at their respective schools, although students are invited to participate in performance opportunities at more formal venues.  See your school page for details.

We currently serve the following Issaquah Clubs:



     Cougar Ridge Bobcat Club

     Grand Ridge Grizzly Club

     Issaquah Valley Cougar Club





Don’t see your club? Click here to learn more about our In-Home lessons options.