About Us & How We Are Different

Music Lessons on Wheels, LLC is a locally owned and operated coalition of teachers and musicians dedicated to bringing the joy of music to children in the Greater Seattle area since 2006.

Our goal is simple: to provide exciting, high quality music lessons to budding musicians at a location and on a schedule  that accommodates busy family lifestyles.  We bring the lessons to you: to schools via PTSA/PTAs and after school care programs, to your home, and in some cases, to studios located in your neighborhood.

We understand that parents have many choices available when selecting a piano or guitar instructor for their child, but what we offer is something that you will not find anywhere else - competent musicians who understand that providing a framework for showing students how to learn is every bit as important as the music skills their students will acquire.  Our teachers realize that fun is not only the starting point for a great lesson, but is the result of accomplishments achieved and shared.


Selecting a music lessons teacher:

How do you know how to select a teacher for your child? Which method of instruction will be the best fit? How will your child’s skills be best developed?

When we ask parents what their goal is in signing their child up for music lessons the most common response by far is twofold "I want them to develop an appreciation for music, to have fun while learning to playing an instrument".

We, too, want your child to have fun.  And so does every other studio, business, etc. who promotes lessons for kids.  So what sets us apart? 

The key is point is what we offer in terms of teaching styles.  We understand the importance of a good fit between student and instructor, so while our teachers are all excellent musicians, they are first and foremost trained educators, capable of adapting to a variety of learning styles.    

They are a wonderfully diverse group;  some hold advanced degrees in piano performance, others in piano pedagogy ( the art or science of teaching; education; instructional methods), two are music instruction specialists, and two hold valid teaching certificates in the state of Washington.

Additionally, a few of our teachers are actively pursuing recording and performance opportunities in their prefered genres ranging from jazz to rock to classical which brings a unique degree of experience and variety to their respective teaching styles.
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