If you are an After School Care Program Director, PTSA Enrichment Coordinator,or Principal interested in learning more about how to bring the joy of music to your students through our program then we have good news, it's easy!  

Here are some key things you should know:

  • We provide you the opportunity to offer piano keyboarding lessons to your families with no additional charge or cost to your program - all we need is a little space, as we port our own instruments.
  • We are a local organization, owned and operated by musicians and educators who rely upon the quality of our lessons to generate interest and excitement, so there is no extra work for you.
  • We are fully certified, licensed and insured in Washington State. Teachers are, of course, back ground checked.
  • We have grown steadily since our inception in 2006 from 1 school/ 1 teacher to over 30 school/studio locations/20 teachers serving schools and the families in those neighborhoods
  • We use a proven teaching method that helps children better absorb, retain, and apply what they are learning
  • We offer students the opportunity to learn and create music with a peer (We call it a twinned lesson, 2 students - each with their own instruments - are concurrently taught by 1 instructor.) Not only does this lower the cost of lessons for families, but it breaks down the barriers sometimes present in more formal 1:1 instruction.

Contact us for details on how our program would run in your school or center!