Music Lessons on Wheels is back for our 9th year at John Stanford International School, with great teachers bringing  piano lessons to beginners and advancing students alike.  

Lessons will be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please see the John Stanford International School website for more details particular to the enrichment program at this location. Please note there is a $10 registration/materials fee included in the price of tuition.

The links below will enable you to schedule your preferred lesson time with us in the twinned lessons program. Once you have selected a time slot for your child, our system will take you through the rest of the process, including enrollment, confirmation, and payment. In compliance with the registration protocol for this location, links will not go live until 6pm on Feb 28th, 2018. If a registration is received before 6pm the student will have to be dropped from the class. 


In the notes section of the registration form PLEASE include the following information:


- Who other than parent/guardian is authorized to pick your child up (name and phone #)

- Your child's Afternoon Teacher

- Whether your child is normally in LSA (after school care program)

- If your child normally takes a bus home, please provide their bus #


All students will also require a Parent Waiver before they will be allowed to begin classes. This is different from the Music Lessons On Wheels waiver you will sign during our registration process. The link is here: ASA Parental Waiver



IF you are interested in private lessons (either 15 or 30 minutes) please contact us directly, and in advance of registration opening, as we are happy to adjust teacher schedules and time slots to accommodate student needs.  Should we be unable to do so, we have several teachers in your neighborhood who are happy to schedule In-Home lessons at your convenience.  

Information about recitals at John Stanford International School, as well as performance opportunities held in beautiful 4th floor hall of the Historic Seattle's Good Shepherd Center will be emailed to parents directly.