We are excited to be continuing piano lessons at Bryant Elementary!  

Fall 2017 class days are Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. Due to the changed bell time and early release on Wednesday our class times will be slightly different than in years past.

Please note that we will not be opening up later class times until the earlier ones are full.  We can accommodate up to 12 students per lesson day.

Registrations must be completed first on the new Bryant ASE website - found here.  Once you complete your registration and pay for either twinned or private lessons you will need to come back to this page to select your child's lesson time.

IF you are interested in private lessons (either 15 or 30 minutes) please contact us directly as we are happy to adjust teacher schedules to accommodate student needs.  Should we be unable to do so, we have several teachers in your neighborhood who are happy to schedule In-Home lessons at your convenience.