When I wake up in the morning. I roll my head over to check the time. I hear the house squeak and the birds chirp. Glancing out the window, I see the sun peaking over the Cascade mountain range. The day goes on, I arrive home after a day of work and I get to see the sun set over the Olympic mountain range. This brings full circle to the day’s cycle. Music works in the same way to me. As we have cycles in life, we have cycles in music. These cycles display themselves as different moods and literal vibrations we as musicians want to capture in sound to represent who we are as people. As a musician who craves a connection to this form of expression, from day one I bring the intention of creating a fun, charismatic, and open learning environment. Following a set of rules with music creation is just as important as learning how to throw these rules to the wind and play with feeling and personal preference while actively listening. We will learn how to have fun with chord progressions, how to learn scales in an improvisational way, learn the fundamentals of written theory that lays the framework down for learning your favorite song and establishing creative writing for the producer that you are.

I look forward to beginning this wonderful adventure with you! Anything is possible if you believe and put forth the intention.

Let’s jam!


Cody Mitchell